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Support site

I have a support site.  It is forum based and has a forum on cutting along with a lot of other forums.  I am a recovering cutter myself so please let me help you.  I understand how it feels and i can use my past to help you now.  http://selfhelp.yuku.com

make cuts go away/heal faster??

Hey. I'm new here, but I need some help. I have cuts covering both my thighs. They're all months old and I haven't done it in a while, but I really want to get rid of the marks. I thought they would have healed by now, but it's been way too long. I'm posting pictures just so you know what I'm talking about.  

Basically I just need a way to hide them (summertime, you know... Shorts, bathingsuits...) Does anyone have any idea how to make these marks go away or heal faster? Would something like Mederma or PreferOn work? Vitamin E? Aloe? Cocao butter? Any help at all would be hugely appreciated. Thanks!

I believe the best safety plan ever!

Go to this web site and print out the pages and fill them out and then give them to doctors, family, friends, and anyone else that you want to support you when you need it.

Shit. Fuck.

Purging rant [graphic]Collapse )

I'm fat and I can't purge.

I associate The X-Files with my eating disorder. FUCK YOU, TIMING.

we all have problems

oh my god. I am having a really difficult time at the moment.

hey guys imj still alive.

2 months clean too :D and completed bpd theraphy


Hey guys... I'm back.. :/

Wow... I never thought I'd be back here again. I think it's been almost 2 years(?) since my last cut. I figured it would be my last, like ever so i cut myself out of all my SI, ED, ANA communities (sorry!) but i guess i was wrong.

a lot of shit has been happening recently (see journal), i'm in the middle of exams at university (i have one in precisely 6 hours that i'm not even ready for) and basically been feeling really down.


hey catherine, really glad to see you're still around hun :)

edit: i don't feel like me. i don't feel like me. i don't feel like me. i don't feel like me. i don't feel like me.:(

Mar. 25th, 2007

i'd figure i would update since there hasn't really been any at all in awhile.

ive manage dto stay clean about 1 week again so far (before it was 2 months) and i managed to completely get out of a horrible relationship (with a coke addict who was fucking everything that moved) so yeah.

i am out of theraphy for BPD (borderline) and have started follow-up theraphy now and am trying to keep myself from relapsing however i can.

i took an unnounced leave of absensce from livejournal since then and i apologise but i am back now but since again, there's been inactivity (which i am not sure if it is a good or bad thing) i guess i havn't missed out on much

as usual if you need to contact myself for any reason my msn/aim are in my profile (i never use yahoo).

also i havn't noticed as of late that there has been a massive problem with flaming/trolling but i will not hesistate to ban you if i see that there is trolling/flaming going on here (i might also send you out with a nice goatse if you're a big enough douche bag). in short, don't do it, myself or one of the other mods will find you and they will kick your ass. if you have any trolling/flaming to report you may report it to me or one of the other mods.


The Management

help ..

I've been so stressed the past 5+ months it's not even funny. It's one thing right after another. It seems like once I start making my way back to "the top" .. something comes along and shoves me RIGHT back down to my low point.

I'm steadily taking on more and more stress, and it seems like I have noone to help take the load off my almost broken back. I'm still dealing with the loss of my Grandpa, ontop of planning a minor trip, ontop of fighting with my husband, ONTOP of it being winter & winter depressing me, anyway.

I've cut 3 times in the past month. It doesn't seem like alot .. but before that, I had been cut-free for MONTHS. I feel so worthless .. so ashamed .. so sad that I let shit get to me. It doesn't help that my husband is right next to NOT understanding. He says he understands, but he's mad at me. I understand him being mad .. but I NEED support, not anger.

I plan on doing a little intro here in a little bit, since this is almost my 1st post ..

Love, Jess.